Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma

I don't really know what to write on this blog. As I was thinking about what I needed to do tomorrow I realized what day tomorrow is. It would have been my Grandma Jones' 73 birthday. She passed away October 5 2001. I miss her greatly. I don't know if there has been a day go by that i haven't thought of her and all she means to me and my family. so I want to tell others who never got to meet this extraordinary lady some of the thing that she taught me and that I remember most about her. so here it goes . FUDGE she loved fudge I love it too i remember one time when i was upset i went down to talk to her and she said that this talk calls for fudge so together we made a pan and we sat at the table and ate it ALL yes just the two of us. I remember sitting next to her and laying my head on her chest and getting to listen to her heart beat that is one thing i miss most. she used to work at the family tree bookstore and when we would go and visit she always bought us a cookie from warm oven cookies. No matter how bad she felt she always would take the time to listen to us. i remember one night when i was about 7 or 8 heather kim and kevin were all staying at friends houses and so it was just going to be me and my parents for the night and i felt sad about it so my dad had the idea to take me to grandmas house. when we got there and she realized i was alone she bent down and gave me a hug and said your staying here. so i got to spend the night all by myself and she let me have my favorite breakfast. frosted flakes with sugar and chocolate milk. The biggest thing i remember about grandma is how everyone in our family loved to be around her. every weekend we were at grandmas it was always so much fun to just hangout with everyone. she always has a smile and a hug for everyone. She loved to sing and to play games. She loved to do genealogy and read. She loved the gospel and her family.
I know that i will get to see her again. I know that families are forever and i am very grateful that Grandma and Grandpa were married in the temple for time and eternity. and because of that my parents were and know Chris and i are sealed forever. I miss her greatly and i know this post does her no justice but i feel a little better having shared a little about grandma jones. She was my rock growing up i could share anything wither her and know that i was never judged. she always took the time to make sure her family was doing good. I remember the week she passed away, Dad and Kevin were in Chicago for dad work thing it was a Tuesday when she called to ask if dad and kevin remembered they were supposed to bring something back for her. I answered the phone and she asked about dad and kevin i told her they new and when they called we would remind them. then we said good bye i minute later the phone rang again it was grandma for me this time. She wanted to make sure that i didn't fell neglected from the last call so she called to talk to me about my day at the end of the phone call she told me she loved me and i told her i loved her too. that was the last time i talk to her. she passed away on Friday. I miss her and can't wait to see her again. I just keep thinking today fi she has got to meet president Hinckley yet and how cool that would be. I love you Grandma
Thank you for anyone who reads this If you knew my grandma you know what a special lady she is and is you never knew her may one day you get the chance.


Steve and Brenda said...

Andrea, I had the same kind of day as you did on Friday, I thought about Grandma Jones all day and how much I miss her. I loved her the moment I met her, she was just like a second mom to me. She was a great example to me and I always hope that someday I can aspire to be worthy to be called "Grandma Jones".

Love you lots, Mom

Karen K. said...

That was a beautiful tribute Andrea. I got teary-eyed!

The Blovicks are on board said...

amen to that! I love Grandma!!!!

Roxy said...

Andrea -

I loved reading about your Grandma. That was a beautiful tribute. She was a great lady. I loved visiting her with her at the bookstore. It was never the same without her.

Courtenay Beth said...

Andrea! I found you blog by snooping around some other people' hey! I just read a bunch of your past blogs, I miss you and hope your family is doing great!
Isn't it wonderful, families? I'm touched to hear about your Grandma, It got me thinking about memories with my own grandma...I think Grandma's are a tender mercy from a very Loving Father in Heaven.

Anyway, I would LOVE top keep in touch sweetie! My blog is:
Love you!

Courtenay Beth said...

oh geeze! Typical me, I forgot to say this is court, you know the coolest camp buddy you ever had, you know you came to visit me in Utah a bunch because a long distance friendship sucked sometimes! You know that time we spilled all the eggs in the wheelbarrow on the way to make breakfast for stake camp, and we were always up to no good, you know like I'm laffy taffy and you're caramellow? (RIGHT?!???)And you drove a long long way to come to my bridal shower??? Well, just thought I'de verify so you know it really is cool, well love ya!

Groovy Gardners said...

i think it is time to update your blog with your big exciting news!! i'm so excited for you! October is a good's your birthday too! anyways....i finally figured out how to make comments on peoples blogs. have a good day!

Roxy said...

What big news???? Are you going to be a mommmy??????