Friday, April 25, 2008

MY STUPID STOVE!!! or should i say my stupid move

Chalk another stupid moment up for me. Last night I was making cream tuna and biscuits for dinner . I had the biscuits in the oven and was working on making the white sauce, I was in the process of melting the butter and about to add the flour then pour in the milk well instead of picking up the measuring cup which contained 2 cups of milk i knocked it over on my stove top!!! Milk went everywhere It ran down under all the burners and of course then i had to quickly remove the pan of melting butter and turn off the oven with cooking biscuits inside. and try and soak up the milk okay so i realized then that the top of my stove doesn't lift up AGHHHHGGHHH!!! i have to figure out how to clean under all the burners and in the middle where i can't reach to get the milk from drying or burning on there so my kitchen towels i realized are the worst they don't soak anything up so i had to try and use paper towels, but since i buy the cheap ones they don't work much better. At this point i think there is no point getting mad just clean it up. when Chris realizes that something has happened so he asks what i did i told him and all he says is what did you do that for?? my reply "i thought i would be fun." what a lame question. any way i did finally get the mess cleaned up 4 towels and almost a role of paper towels later. so i turned to oven back on to finish cooking the biscuits and i put the pan back on the burner the butter by this time has just about harden again and the flour from before i realize is sittin in another pile of milk on the counter that i didn't see before so i get to clean that up to any way to try and end on a happy note the dinner did get cooked only 25 min after it should have been done. and i only smelled like milk for a few hours despite all the hand washing I did. so the lesson of this tale. don't pour milk into a container until you are absolutely ready for it.!!!

On a happier note on Wednesday i had another doctors appt. I got to hear the heart beat for the first time. It was so neat to hear it it made it real to me. We have our ultrasound on the 27 of May. so more updates then. I still am feeling pretty good no really strange cravings yet. I have just a tiny bump but just about where i can't fit in most me pants anymore so probably not to much longer before i have to make the jump to maternity clothes. I don't know if i am ready for that.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'm not a pickle I'm a Cucumber

So this post is mostly for my friend Courtenay (Mitchell) Lance. I found this while cleaning some stuff up in our house and all I could do is laugh about the good ol' days of girls camp and high school. No one can truly understand all that this Larry the cucumber represents. but I just had to put it on here for Court. I miss you Court and I hope that this year goes by quickly for you. Please remember we are friends forever. oh I don't know who spilt the eggs :)