Monday, November 8, 2010

picture update

So I am finally getting pictures of Halloween up. Cooper dressed up as "Woody" this year. He was so excited about his costume and asked to put it on all the time. He loved being a cowboy.

this is the "say cheese" face
All ready to trick or treat.
We only went to a few houses, he got a tootsie pop sucker at one house and didn't want to go anywhere else he wanted to go home to eat it.

Here is cooper with his pumpkins. Chris asked him where to put the eyes nose and mouth. and he put them where Cooper said.

"What you don't wear a pink apron and put a gun in the pocket?"

Since some have asked (and mom made me so she could send it to Kevin)

Here I am at 36 weekseverything is going great. I have one more ultrasound on Thursday the 11th to measure the size of the baby one more time since I am measuring about 4weeks ahead. after that we will know for sure what we are going to do.

Oh and Cooper no longer sleeps in a Crib!! He has been sleeping in a BIG(and i mean big its a queen) boy bed for about 2 weeks now and so far had done great.