Saturday, September 27, 2008


okay So I have pictures to put on but i am to lazy to take them off my camera fix them then post so here is just an update. Friday was my last day of work !!!!!! The kids and staff I work with threw me a surprise shower, and yes I was surprised I turned really red, that was fun It was a little hard to say bye to some of the kids and the staff but I am glad I get to stay home with Cooper. I can;t believe i only have 16 days left its crazy but we are pretty much ready to go.
I will get pictures on here soon I promise. Until then.....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

One Month

So I have exactly one month from today until mu due date!!!. I am really excited. Mostly that soon I will be able to wear shoes again. The last two weeks me feet have swollen so bad that the only shoes i can wear are flip flops. so yeah I had to wear them to church today and I felt so trashy. anyhoo other than that I feel great.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Promised Pictures

Here is Janae at her 4th birthday Party. This was the best normal face she would give me.

The say cheese grin.

Chris is becoming quite domestic lately and I can't complain. He was going shooting the next day with some friends in Dufur. He wanted an ammo holder for the but of his gun (the part that rests against your shoulder) the store didn't have exactly what he wanted so he made his own. he cut it out and measured and everything the only thing i had to do was to thread the machine. and the best part is he now understands why i get crabby when i sew. my machine hasn't been working very well it likes to eat the thread and fabric then the bobbin gets all tangled. anyway he has been looking for a new sewing machine for me. I love him.