Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Boys
(this is how they constantly look-Cooper talking and Owen well whatever you call it this is his look)

we have discovered that Owen LOVES to be outside and recently that he also loves the swing!
The boys on Easter morning

Owen and Great-Grandpa Jones
Cooper actually posing/letting me take pictures
Owen thinks he is big enough to sit by himself( for very brief periods of time)

  • knows all his letters and there sounds
  • can spell his name
  • finally doesn't cry when he goes to nursery
  • loves to play with owen and constantly asks for Owen to chase him around the house
  • likes to play golf in the back yard
  • loves trains
  • climbs in the car and his car seat all by himself(won't let us help him)
  • LOVES and I mean L-O-V-E-S Papa(my dad)
  • when we ask him to do something he says" i can't I am busy right now"
  • we were at the post office the other day and he was running all over and I told him to come over by me and focus on staying there and he replies" focus, focus. speed. I. am. speed faster than fast quicker than quick, I am Lightning" (it's the opening line from "Cars")the lady behind us looks at him and then at me and laughs.
  • the other day I was trying to get ready to go somewhere so I laid Owen on the couch and Cooper ws playing by him and I ran upstairs to get something and I heard Owen start fussing but then he stopped so when I came down stairs I looked and Cooper was kneeling next to the couch and was quietly singing "I am A Child of God" and Owen had his hand on Cooper's shoulder. when Cooper was done with the song he looked at me and said "Owen was crying then I singed him I am a Child of God and he stoppeded crying. (and with a matter of fact look) I am a good big brother"

  • 5 months old weighs about 18 lbs
  • likes to eat ,we have started giving him food and we can't sit at the table without giving hi food also
  • likes to be outside
  • watches cooper like a hawk
  • slobbers like a waterfall
  • has already had to have 2 haircuts(Cooper got his 1st at 14 months)
  • doesn't sleep longer than 3 hrs at night
  • talks up a storm
  • likes to lay and watch whatever is going on
  • WE love him dearly and I can't believe he is already 5 months