Tuesday, April 10, 2012


February seemed to go by in a blur.

We bought a swing set for the boys.

We made slime.
Cooper loved it
Owen wasn't quite sure what to think of it

We had an FHE on Samuel the Lamenite on the wall.
I used some of Coopers "bad guys" as the nephites and we threw "rocks"(m&ms)
and shot arrows. it was great Cooper loved it and the fact that we got to eat the wall.
The boys LOVE trains. they are watching "Mickey mouse clubhouse Choo choo express" and had to be a train themselves.

Nightly reading

Watching daddy mow the lawn

Thursday, March 29, 2012


While looking for pictures to post I realized I only took a handful. So, just a few pictures to show a little of our lives.

Owen discovered that he could climb on/in the dishwasher and now I can't do the dishes without him "helping" so they usually get done while he is eating or sleeping.

playing in the snow.
Owen didn't want to walk in it he insisted on crawling or sitting in it.

When we had the huge rain storms it decided to come in.
Nothing to major My dad was able to come help us caulk the roof. there was some shingles broken so the water was getting blown under them. Now we get to wait until it clears enough so we can get a new roof. oh the joys of home ownership!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

DECEMBER- Owens 1st birthday and Christmas

We had lots of fun celebrating Owens Birthday we started the day by getting a Christmas tree. then we had family over to help celebrate. He was a little overwhelmed but not to bad. He however was not interested in the gifts but in all the camera's that were there.

He left his unopened gifts to go after grandma's camera
The Cake

Owen is a great joy to have around. Completely opposite of Cooper in almost every way. He is a fighter and a adrenaline junky. If papa is not throwing him around then he is squawking at him. He is going to be the child that tests my patience and nerves his whole life. but we love him.

Happy 1st Birthday!!

Christmas things

On the way to get the Tree
the first time getting to ride forward. he loved it and "talked" the whole way.

"Take my picture to mom"

This year we decided to try someplace different to get our tree. We went to the BLM. it was a place up by Noti Oregon. mostly a tree farm in the mountains. Not the greatest to pick from. Next year we are going back to Forest land.
the boys did have fun and it was sunny so it was a great.

Gingerbread houses

It was so fun to watch Cooper decorate his house. It reminded me of when my family would all get together at grandma and grandpa jones and decorate and how after the kids were done we all got put in the downstairs room and we weren't allowed to come up until the adults were done.

Owen just ate graham crackers

All done. Notice the bulge in his cheek? yep that's candy!
(sugar quota went out the window that night.)
Our families
Cooper, Chris-the house from"UP" and mine I did a camping scene

Christmas Morning

Gifts from Santa
we had a great Christmas spent in Lincoln City with Chris' side of the family. Lots of good food and family. I really love the holidays and can't wait to get to do more fun things as my kids get older.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Cooper cleaning the pumpkin

The finished product.

Flying away

The little Indian.
( I did have a headband with a feather but forgot to put it on.)

Cooper had fun running through the leaves.

On our way to get a Christmas tree.
first time riding face forward. He loved it.
Cool Dude Cooper.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cooper turns 3!!

October 19:Cooper turned 3. I still can't believe that it has been 3 years since we first met this little firecracker!. We celebrated his actual birthday with just the 4 of us we had Coopers choice for Dinner: McDonald's.. yumm. We opened gifts and had cake he really liked to blow out the candles and was excited to get all the attention that day.

He was super excited to get a light saber. He has discovered a love of starwars, which Chris is excited for also. they have watched all the movies together and now it has become a nightly routine to watch an episode of the Starwars cartoons before bed. I love that they bond over things like this.

On Saturday we had a family party with a spiderman theme.

I never thought that we would be able to have a birthday party outside. It was so nice that we couldn't resist.

Cooper loves his overalls "look am just like grandpa jones"

We took a family picture
I had to include this. Kevin and Kim were being silly!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'm BACK!!

Yes that is right I am posting about October.


Chris an Cooper playing Lego star wars.

I discovered the key to getting both boys to look AND smile at the SAME TIME:
spin them in a chair!

My favorite one of Owen

Wedding Cake I made for Scott(Chris' brother) and Angela

Grooms cake
Cooper, he was going to be the flower/leaf boy but chickened out. luckily there was a little girl who jumped at the chance.

View from the wedding place.

Cooper and Ethan(Scott and Angela's)