Sunday, September 12, 2010

a much needed update!!

so its been along time since I have updated our lives.. so here we go

Chris: Started working for Capital Dental Group in August.

Andrea: hangs out with Cooper tries to be crafty and is currently 28 weeks along. I can't believe how fatst this one is going.

Cooper: is the love of our lives. he loves living with papa and grandma, and asks for them constantly. he rides his trike all by himself, he can count to 10 without help and can count to 20 with some help. likes to go on the big potty and will go just about every time he tries we are not trying to potty train yet but maybe soon, he talks in full sentence's, and when he does something he's not supposed to he puts himself in Time Out!! , still loves "cars" and "Handy Manny" and has discovered Mickey mouse. He loves to dig in the dirt and play with play dough. he loves to read books and goes non-stop from the time he wakes up(usually 6:30-7am) until we put him in bed (8-8:30pm) . he also likes to give baby Owen hugs and tells his night-night every night. I can't wait for them to meet!!!

Okay enough rambling here are some pictures:

This happened last week on Sunday as we were headed to church. he went to step/jump of the front step and bent forward and started to fall he tried to catch himself but was on the edge so he slid onto the sidewalk face first. He didn't hit to hard and only cried for a few seconds. it looks much better now and the scabs are gone.
This summer Cooper had tons of fun with the water. He learned to drink from the hose and if he flung the hose around it would get people wet.

Siena and Cooper had the best time playing in the pool together. Siena taught Cooper how to jump in the pool and Cooper just loved having someone to play with!

Cooper loves to play with Janae and Kiera(most of the time) We went up for J birthday and of course they played house! Every time we go to heathers Cooper puts on those beads. and wears them as much as he can.
Cooper is so proud of himself that he can get the goldfish out himself now!! I enjoy it to since if he is hungry he can get himself a snack.
This is Cooper in a fort that we built. I love that he is smiling at the Camera. and yes he does carry that baby around quite a lot. he has recently moved on to carrying "woody" around lately