Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Now that summer has been over for awhile I thought it would be a great time to let you see what we were up to. These are in no order just be glad I am getting them on here. We did things such as redoing our front porch. Chris and I went to Bend for our anniversary..KID FREE! minus the food poisoning it was a great trip. Hiked Sahalie falls, hung out, and went on lots of bike rides,I was training for a sprint tri-athalon, I loved it! I want to do one again! we took a family trip to the Zoo and the Aquarium took trips down to grandpa Jones' farm. We have loved this summer. although it was strange to not actually have a summer break with Chris it was still fun. We are looking forward to the Holiday season. I am excited to get to decorate my own house and do fun projects with the kids.
Enjoy the pictures there are a lot of them so I won't give details unless necessary,

Trip to the Beach, It was Owens first time to play in the sand

At the aquarium

at the Zoo
the elephant was painting
Random pictures

Eating a carrot from the garden. When I went to take the rest inside Cooper yelled "hey wait, i need to eat those" this kid loved having food from the garden.
redoing our front porch

Papa came to help
This is why we are redoing it

Cooper was "helping"one day and decided that Owen needed a diaper change
This is at the entrance to the lava cave we went to while in bend

This is inside the entrance

Cooper wanted to give Owen a shoulder ride to get the mail.
At Sahalie Falls It was such a nice day. It is a great easy hike/walk cooper walked the whole way.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hanson Family Camping July 2011

In July we went camping with the Hanson side. It was a lot of fun. We played, went shooting, got dirty, and enjoyed the outdoors. Owen loved that he got to be outside all day. Cooper loved the dirt, water, driving Grandpas truck, learning how to get water of the big water jugs, I think he used up at least half of the supply of cups and water getting his own drinks and asking if anyone needed a drink when we told him no more for himself. Here are pictures of the adventures