Wednesday, September 30, 2009

All About US. (I got this from a friends blog)

>What are our middle name?

Ernest and Kristine

> How long have you been together?

dated for 7 months engaged for 3 month and married just over 5 years

>How long did you know each other before you started dating?
about a month

>Who asked who out?

I don't really remember who asked who but our first date was to the corn maze. he ended up holding my hand that night after I got freaked out. or at least he thinks I did. heheh

> Who made the first move?

he did he kissed me first well if you call it a kiss. it was more a peck. He had never kissed anyone before

> How old are we?

Chris is 29 and I am almost 26

> Did you go to the same school!!

not at all he grew up in Lincoln City and I in Springfield.

> Who majored in what?

Chris has a bachelors in Science of some kind and is in his LAST year of Dental school
I don't have a degree in anything. Although I would love to take more classes in photography.

> Who has worst temper?
gee let me think...... ME. I get mad over the stupidest things and Chris is always so good at taking it and letting me vent and then helping me realize how silly I being

>Who has the best sense of humor?

it depends. I think Chris does.

> How many children do you want?

3 or 4. Since I can't have anymore than that.

> Who does the cooking?

I do except Sunday. Chris is in charge of Sunday meals.

> Where did you go on your first date?

to the corn maze

> Who has the bigger family?

Chris does 2 sisters 2 brothers

> Do you get flowers often?

No. I have gotten Tulips a few times though (they are my favorite).

> What do you do for a living?

I stay home with cooper and Chris goes to School ( For ONE more year)

>What is "your song?"

I am not sure who sings it but " I can't be your friend anymore" is the title, he actually used that line with me before i heard the song

>What is your favorite thing to do together?

Watch the Office or The Big Bang Theory, or just hang out with Cooper


Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunriver and Zoo

So we have been running non stop for the last month. We have been in Springfield, Lincoln City, Sunriver, and the zoo. My kitchen has FINALLY been finished. it only took them a month to get to it and ONE day to actually fix it. We have been enjoying Chris being home and are going to miss him when he starts again next week but that means that we are almost DONE!!

Here are a few pictures from Sunriver. I didn;t take as many as I would have liked but we were on the go there also. We took many bike rides, Cooper loved them he sat in the bike cart thing with our friends little girl and just enjoyed being outside. we went swimming and have fabulous Ice cream and a Pizza that was bigger than Chris and Cable's hands side by side.

Cooper enjoying the hammock

Looking so cute

Swimming with daddy! He loves the water!!


notice his many faces
oWe Also tok a trip to the Zoo today with heather and the girlies

Cooper really enjoyed the tractor

The Zoo opened the Preditors of the serengeti exhibit last week so we got to see lions, cheetahs, and wild dogs, they have someothers but I don't remember what they were.

I think this is a trippy pictures. It is actually 2 cheetahs

Monday, September 7, 2009

Cow Patty Country Club

We got to have a mini Jones family reunion last weekend!! We got together at our favorite place..

The Cow Patty Country Club!!
(aka Grandpa Jones farm)

It was tons of fun to see almost everyone. Layne and Helen and family came up from Utah so we got together for an old time BBQ!! great times were had by all.

Grandpa and His Kids
L to R Lonnie, Nancy, Gary, Grandpa, Steve, Tami, Layne.
I love my family. I have the greatest aunts and uncles.

The six siblings

The siblings and there other halves, with Grandpa

Grandpa and the Grand kids
Lonnie and Betsy Dayna and Kaylie
(missing Adam and Stephanie , Kris Tyler and Ashley)

Our Family
Missing Heather jeff and the girlies

Nancy, Glen her friend, Christopher and Aaron 2 of 5
(Missing, Joshua, Micah(Caleb) and Jacob)

Gary and Jill
Zach Chelsea and Mallory

Layne and Helen
Jason. Magon( Shane Devin)Tracy
(Missing Taylor, who is serving his mission in Mozambique.) Tami and Dan
Evan and Siena

Grandpa after realizing how many people are at his

Kevin and Hannah

I just had to put this in for kim

My cute mom

I love this one of Cooper and Grandpa
Kim Magon, Me and Tracy
Cow Patty Country club course
This has been a tradition for many years. they use a Frisbee or bucket lid and throw it out there and away they go. Like I said I love my Famliy

Janae on the rope swing