Monday, September 7, 2009

Cow Patty Country Club

We got to have a mini Jones family reunion last weekend!! We got together at our favorite place..

The Cow Patty Country Club!!
(aka Grandpa Jones farm)

It was tons of fun to see almost everyone. Layne and Helen and family came up from Utah so we got together for an old time BBQ!! great times were had by all.

Grandpa and His Kids
L to R Lonnie, Nancy, Gary, Grandpa, Steve, Tami, Layne.
I love my family. I have the greatest aunts and uncles.

The six siblings

The siblings and there other halves, with Grandpa

Grandpa and the Grand kids
Lonnie and Betsy Dayna and Kaylie
(missing Adam and Stephanie , Kris Tyler and Ashley)

Our Family
Missing Heather jeff and the girlies

Nancy, Glen her friend, Christopher and Aaron 2 of 5
(Missing, Joshua, Micah(Caleb) and Jacob)

Gary and Jill
Zach Chelsea and Mallory

Layne and Helen
Jason. Magon( Shane Devin)Tracy
(Missing Taylor, who is serving his mission in Mozambique.) Tami and Dan
Evan and Siena

Grandpa after realizing how many people are at his

Kevin and Hannah

I just had to put this in for kim

My cute mom

I love this one of Cooper and Grandpa
Kim Magon, Me and Tracy
Cow Patty Country club course
This has been a tradition for many years. they use a Frisbee or bucket lid and throw it out there and away they go. Like I said I love my Famliy

Janae on the rope swing