Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I'm Back

So life has been all sorts of busy these last two months. Cooper started t-ball, Amy joined our family and we have been getting used to the new normal. I feel like the transition to 3 is way easier than from 1 to 2. We love our new family and all the fun things we are getting to do.
First off Amy:

Amy was born April 8 and weighed 8lbs 11oz. She has been a joy from the beginning. She SLEEPS its fabulous Owen loves to hold her and Cooper loves to  make her smile.

I love my Little Family!! It has been so fun watching  with Amy. I am so blessed.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

 I have been such a slacker mom lately. Trying to get ready for baby is hard when you have 2 other kids to take care of as well. I realized that most days are either spent getting frustrated at the boys for them trying to "help" me or wishing they really would help me like pick something up so I don;t have to bend over.!!  Thanks to my mom, Kim and Barunka the room actually got put together all the clothes in the dresser and hung up and the floor was even vacuumed and the window washed. Such a Huge help. I have been trying to find something special to do with the boys so they don't feel neglected and I don;t feel like such a huge failure but the best thing have been the small things like playing Uno with cooper or Geo tracks with Owen. or even just reading a book. but I think the best is when they come up to me and ask to see my belly and then the blow raspberries on it and she starts to move and kick and they laugh because they got her to move! I can't believe I only have 5 days left I am ready to meet this little girl and to have a complete family.

Here are just a few pictures I realize that I have taken a bunch of pictures on my phone but I am not sure how to put them on here so until I do  you have these:

Easter morning
 First fire of the year

Sunday, February 3, 2013


I stink at taking pictures of anything going on. I used to take pictures of everything. I have not taken a single picture since my New years. Yeah I am that lame a whole month went by without me taking pictures. NO MORE.  I really want to document my kids life with pictures. I love looking at past pictures. So here are some pictures from this past year that I love


Monday, January 21, 2013

I almost forgot how to do this. Last night while looking at Pintrest Chris told me that for every 10 min I spend looking at other peoples blogs I should spend at least 1 min doing my own and documenting my own children and life. So, here it goes. I have been wanting to get back to doing this but just am lazy and I always find other things to do, like, look at other blogs, NAP,  you know really anything. I am not going to try and play catch-up I kept thinking I should but its been almost a year so we are going to start fresh and start with this year.

So here is our life in a nut shell:

Chris : Still working for Capital Dental which is now smile keepers. He works four days a week and alternates Mondays and Fridays off  which means that he alternates between 2 day and 4day weekends its fantastic. He still enjoys shooting and takes Cooper often. He is the Young Men President in the ward and seems to enjoy the time with the priests.

Andrea: Stay at home mom. I enjoy most of it.pregnant with number 3 and will be having this baby GIRL on April 8th. I am excited and nervous about a girl but Cooper is excited to be a big brother again and always wants to feel her move.

Cooper:4yrs old and a sweet heart. He started swiming lessons this year and does pretty well. He won't put his face in the water so we have to keep working  on that. He loves to read. He can read simple  words by himself and goes to a co-op preschool 2 days a week. its been great. LOVES transformers the color red and playing with dad.

Owen: very very 2yrs old. He keeps me on my toes all day. he is our comic relief and can melt you with his smile when he gets in trouble. He loves tractors and trains and will carry them around all day and ask to take them with him whenever we leave the house. He loves to play with Cooper and the get along really well. I can't believe that he won't be my "baby" anymore but I love that he still wants to snuggle  with me.