Monday, September 24, 2007

Just for Fun

We went to Sun river this weekend Chris and some of his friends went on a 30 mile bike ride up and down and around Bachelor. It was their last weekend before school started.

Chris as they were getting ready to go . When they left is was only about 40 degrees. but they went and had a great time.
Dean and Brayden In the hammock. hese are Sara and Paul's Boys.They loved the hammock.
I thought this was really funny. If you notice Chris' and my phones are facing each other. Yes there are people on each talking to each other and Chris is on msn messenger talking to another person. they were planning out another trip they took earlier this sumer. Leave it up to Chris to think of something like this. Instead of just getting together


Lindsay, David and Connor said...

Chris is hilarious! I love it. What a great idea.

Sarah Peterson said...

haha, talking on the phone through phones... creative! 30 miles is one LOOONG bike ride! Talk about a pain in the bum.. hehe

Danny, Jordan, and McKay said...

Chris may be the smartest person I will ever know. I am amazed by how many times he makes magic happen.
On a side note, why would anybody ride a bike for 30 miles.