Sunday, October 14, 2007


I spend the weekend with Janae and Kiera. It was fun to see them together. Janae is cute with her baby sister. when Kiera would cry Janae always asked what was wrong and tried to tell her it was okay. Although she was a little jealous at times but she seems to be doing quite well. I love being Aunt Rea. Sorry Kim but i have been telling Janae and Kiera that I am the FAVORITE aunt.

Janae and grandma were playing catch

I thought this face was funny. She is practicing her "Blue steel" Look


Emily and Tate said...

Cute Cute Cute! I love the "Blue Steel Look"

Molly & Lance said...

Hey Ange!!! I agree with Ems I love the "Blue Steel Look"
How are you? It's been so long. Anyway, Ems convinced us to start a blog also its at
Miss you tons!