Saturday, May 3, 2008


Here is Evan the birthday boy ready to enjoy his cake
Heather made the cake this time. I loved it way to go heather
Janae is playing one of the games. Toss the disk onto the sewer top.
We are training Kiera to be a great ninja

Evan had his 6th birthday party today. It was a teenage mutant ninja turtles party. It was filled with lots of energy. They played all sorts of ninja games and earned their ninja swords. 10 little kids with swords, nothing wrong with that at all.


Anonymous said...

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Aaron & April Hill said...

Hey Andrea! It's great to hear from you. We live in SW Portland. In fact a lot of the students in our ward are dental students, I'm sure your hubby knows them. We'll be moving to Hillsboro in a couple months. April's been in the hospital sinse thursday. I guess she's got "Hyperemesis Gravidarium." That's awesome that you guys will be having a baby in October!