Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Update , Kinda Long

Sorry Its taken me so long to get another post up but I have this really cute boy that I spend the day snuggling with.
So here is the story of my exciting labor and delivery story for those who have been asking,

It started Thursday the 16. I went to the Dr.s and they scheduled an induction appt. for me Friday the 17 at 5am!! so Chris and I got ready and then friday at 4 am the hospital called and said they didn't have enough room for us to come so we had to wait and they would call. that was kinda frustrating but then I was able to get a few more hours of sleep. So they called at about 10:30 and said come on up. by 11:30 we were in our room and all hooked up to the IV stuff. so we went along through the day with not much happening they told me to walk and that would help so we did no such luck. By 6pm I was still at a 2cm so they decided to turn the pitocin down and let me eat and shower and sleep that night then turn it back up in the morning. So Saturday morning the started turning the pitocin back up and at 11:30am the Dr. came in and said that I was a 3 and could stretch to a 4 so she said they could break my water. She did and that was all it took. I was in Labor. not just from the pitocin but my own body took over also. so I had no Idea that contractions felt like that. They were mostly in my back which killed but nonetheless I am a wimp when it comes to pain so I got the Epidural. That was great so I laid around through the afternoon and then my blood pressure kept dropping and Coopers heart rate kept dropping also. so I ended up on oxygen and had to keep rotating everywhere but my left side, they think that his cord was on that side so when I laid on that side it would compress it, so that was fun, at about 7pm they came and checked me and I was at a whopping 4+ cm yeah!! They told me that the average person goes 1cm an hour from this point on. okay 5 more hours i thought. the came back around 9:30 because i could feel that contractions more and alot more pressure well they checked and I was a 10 and fully effaced!! so they got things ready and told me I could start pushing, I couldn't feel the contractions well enough to know what /when i should push so they had to turn down my epidural and then I had no problem knowing what i was supposed to do. I pushed for an hour or so with no progress. the mid wife that was there was not so nice and kept checking me through contractions and then it was so painful that I'll I could do was cry which made my mom cry so Chris had to control us both. so then the midwife said that Cooper may not be coming out this way and went to get the OBGYN she came in and was very nice she explained to me that his head was not coming down like they would like and she could try and help which would hurt and we may end up in a c section or we could just go straight to the c section. We opted for that choice and off everything went. From the time we said do the c section to the time Cooper was born was about 30 min it was fast I was suprised. Thats my labor and delivery. It was all worth it though I have a cute little family now (pic to come).

Thanks to all who helped especially to Chris and my Mom. I love you guys


Tolman Family said...

Congratulations on a healthy baby boy! Crazy story girl! I'm glad you both are doing well though. It's hard to tell what the body will do...I can relate with Benson (our first). Max however, came early and super much better than being induced like with Benson!

Thanks for the update. Take care!

Conforti Family said...

Oh ang, Thats horrible having to go through all of that and then having him come out quickly in a c-section. Hope you are doing good! Let me know when you guys come down I would love to see him!

Roxy said...

I feel for you Sister. Your story sounds alot like mine. I'm glad you are enjoying you sweet little guy. I wish I was there to hold him. Miss you