Monday, December 22, 2008

2 Months, Houses, and a foot

Cooper is now 2 months old. As of the 19 of December
13lbs 5.2 oz ( 86th percentile)
23.75 inches (80th percentile)

Cooper is already taking notes on how to shave.
I just thought it was funny that instead of handing Cooper to me while he shaved Chris took him in with him. Cooper loved to just lay there and watch.

Graham Cracker Houses

This year do to the weather we weren't able to get together with my family to do graham cracker houses... So we invited our neighbors over and did them.

Here is my version of a house and garage.
....oh to only have a garage and a house.....

Here is Chris' creation..

The Devils Eye ( from Disney's the Rescuers)

Here is Cooper's contribution to the evenings festivities.
Yes, this is a cast of his actual foot.
Chris brought home the stuff they make impressions of at the dentist and we made an impression of Coopers foot then Chris poured in the plaster and lo and behold a foot.



renaelee78 said...

What a cute idea casting Coopers foot! He's getting so big. Our 2 month appointment got canceled so next week we find out how big Shelby is. Hope you guys aren't snowed in and can make it to your family's house for Christmas!