Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the escape artist

The last couple of mornings this is how I found Cooper. We swaddle him from his armpits down. He hates is arms being trapped which is why we put socks on his hands. So his head started out where is socked hand is. so he moved 90 degrees lost a sock and left his blanket mostly intact.

Another escape:

I went to the store and Chris was home with Cooper and he obviously didn't want to play on the floor with his toys. Chris said he wasn't crying or anything he just looked over and this is what he saw. Silly boy.


Emily and Tate said...

Aiden does the EXACT same thing every night! He will always end up turned ninety degrees at the other end of the crib. It's so hard because I'm always afraid he is too cold so I end up waking up at least three times during the night to place the blanket back over him. When you know what to do, let me know!

Peter and Andrea said...

That is one cute little boy.

Molly, Lance, Isaac and Mark said...

Mark and Isaac both use to do role out of their blankets and find a corner of the crib. So, I just started them out in that corner when I put them down and they seemed to stay put for the most part. I guess it would be hard to move when you're all ready stuck in the corner you were trying to get to. Kids are pretty entertaining aren't they?!


Ethan did that almost from day one! We used to find just the shell of the blanket - still with opening where he should've been and Ethan on the other side of the crib. He still sleeps in funny positions and is never laying where he was the last time we check on him at night.