Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I know .. I know.... Update my blog....

Thanks Great-Grandma and Great Grandpa Sharp.
They gave Cooper this outfit for Christmas.

Heather my Mom, Dad and I took the Kids to the Zoo during spring break. Not the smartest Idea but fun none the less. Here are the kids all ready to go. This was also the first time Cooper rode facing forward. Oh and the best thing that happened while we were there: we were in the Larakeet feeding exhibit thing and we were standing under the cover thing when we noticed abunch of birds above us so we decided to get out of the way and while we were moving a Heather got pooped on!!! It was so funny. luckily she had the visor thing on Kiera's stroller out because pee/poop also landed on there, we had to clean it out of Heathers hair. !! oh the fun

This is what happens when Cooper eats carrots
We had a bath after this

A few weeks a go the elders Quaurm had a pine wood derby. They had 2 divisions follow the rules and no rules. Chris entered the no rules race. His is the red car. The rubber band is holding the switch and battery off. Yes thats right he put a motor on his car to help it out.
Ready. Set. Go
And the winner is .....


Chris and Cooper were watching the NCAA first round games and this is what I found...

apparently the games were to exciting

In other news not much has been going on. Chris is in his last term of his third year!! Only 14 months left I can't wait.
I am still just hanging out at home and playing with cooper. He is getting really close to sitting up by himself and always has to be on the move. He is just over 18 lbs.


Lindsay Marchant said...

I love little church outfits on little boys. Cooper looks so cute. I love the zoo story. You are so nice to help her clean it out...I wouldn't have touched it!! Oh...I am r.s.v.p.ing. David enjoyed the motor on Chris's car by the way.

Chad and Jessica said...

Aaawwww, so cute! I can't believe Heather got pooped on....bummer! Those birds look so cute, and then, WHAM! I love the one of Chris and Cooper sleeping....so glad you snapped a pic when you could. Looking at Lindsay's comment....I'm RSVPing too! I'm so excited for Kim's shower!