Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Here is the exciting story of our joyous time EARLY Tuesday MORNING

First of all I just want you to note the TIME yes that is AM!!! at this point we had already been awake for about 20 min.

This is the reason for the RUDE awakening. I heard this awful noise that sounding like a grinding clicking noise, so Chris got up to check to see if it was the AC unit in our window NO it was
WATER running down from the unit above us in to our kitchen. the Noise the outlet shorting out

Notice the water running OUT of the outlet it is coming down the wall by the cabinets
Yes that is soap suds. the guy above us had his laundry and dish soap under the sink where the Pipe burst his apartment had about 2 in of water in it by the end
the door way to the washer and dryer
the vent above the stove

The Lovely drying feature
we get to play home to them for a few days

they had to remove the siding because the water ran out there also
if it wasn't for the drain out side our door it would have come in to our house

Notice the lovely DRY ROT

Chris didn't even have to try to get the pencil in
It was such a fabulous way to start the day.... NOT!!!!

it took us about 30 min just to get in contact with the managers of our apartments. In the mean time I had called the management company and they were working on getting someone out so by the time the on site managers got up there was someone on the way but because the outlet had shorted out we had to turn of the power to our whole house so that was fun. Chris was smart enough to jump in the shower at 3 am since we had to turn the water off the whole building.

So what do I do during all this TAKE PICTURES Chris asked me what I was doing and I told him this was so worth blogging about. He rolled his eyes at me:)

So as of right now we know nothing about what they are going to do to fix the problem. We have to let everything dry out for a day or two. I am hoping they are nice enough to give us a vacant apartment here if they have to gut the kitchen so we will see.


Mary Kelly said...

What a pain! I am glad you guys are okay. Let me know if you need anything while your apartment airs out.


That is DEFINITELY blog-worthy!! I'd be snapping pictures too. Hey, I posted our nasty mold pictures from our leaky toilet. Oh the joys.
Hope it gets fixed ASAP!!

Schmidt Happens... Portland Oregon Chapter said...

Oh my Gosh!!! That is crazy. You can always come over here and relax with us while your apartment is in ruins... Good luck with that. Tell Chris it is definitely worth blogging about.... It is the memories of good ole' dental school that you will never forget.

Amy said...

Does the dry rot really surprise you?! HA SO did the guy upstairs know he was flooding you out? You can move into my old apartment...if its still empty! And look at the bright side, you'll be getting a whole new kitchen!

Groovy Gardners said...

no freakin way!!! That is awefull! I feel so bad for you guys!