Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Crafty things

Here are some crafty things that I have done lately.

The Birthday Calender.
I made it a while ago but never put any pictures up

I made this awhile ago too.
It turned out a lot busier than I thought it would but I enjoy the pattern of the quilt.

I made this this morning.
Cooper's first Halloween bag

Christmas Stocking
My Grandma made our family some a few years ago and i have always loved them so I decided to make some for us

Chris and Cooper: My favorite handy men!!!I love that Cooper always wants to do what Chris is doing. I can't believe he is almost a year old...


Daniel and Tiffany Ward said...

Don't you love writing Mom and Dad on the stocking?!!

Mary Kelly said...

Some fun ideas. I love the family calendar- I always seems to forget birthdays. And the halloween bag is darling. Do you have a pattern or did you just make it up?

Courtenay Beth said...

What the CRAFTY?!!!! Cuteness! I LOVE the birthday Calendar the BEST, and holy cute quilt!

The Blovicks are on board said...

so cute!