Friday, January 15, 2010

Cross your fingers

after an eventful week with cars(mine broke and I kept killing Chris') we are headed down to Springfield. Chris has an interview/ meeting with a Dentist in Eugene. Tomorrow(sat). I am excited that things are starting to happen but also trying not to get to excited. He also has a interview/meeting with a dentist in Sweet home later this month. I can't believe that we only have about4 and a half months left. It is so crazy.

In other news we are having a great time. Cooper and I went to the Children's museum on Wed. It is so fun I love it. He ran around all over the place. his favorite rooms were, the water room, The Clifford the big red dog exhibit, and the CAR room. Cooper loves cars. he says "car" all the time. Cooper is talking more than ever and has recently learned "boo" he will hide and then say Boo to us it is so cute!

I will post pics soon


Lindsay Marchant said...

I am crossing my fingers! I need someone to hang out with! I hope everything goes well. It sounds like Cooper has a good mommy!

Groovy Gardners said...

how exciting!!! But it would be more exciting for me if you were interviewing in UTAH!!!! (But I understand) Come visit me soon!!