Sunday, February 7, 2010

And the Murderer Is....

We went to a Murder Mystery Dinner Last night. It was really fun we all dressed up and had to solve the murder of Hal Cappone.

Scoop and S. Traten Harrow (a.k.a. Stephanie and Jake)

Billy "The Kid" and Silky(a.k.a. Dave and Lisa)

Molly and Ernie( a.k.a Kari and Bryce)

Eddie "socks" R.Gyle and Torchy (a.k.a. Chris and Andrea)
Chris played the role of a golfer and Night club owner and I was in the role of the singer in his club.
It was great fun to have dinner and solve the murder. I have never don one before and always thought it would be fun. So a great big THANK YOU to Stephanie and Jake for putting this all on.