Thursday, May 27, 2010

So I Missed It

So I am REALLY bad and I forgot to post about Chris turning 30!!! We had cake and ice cream at my parents house. Chris celebrated by going to an interview and going bow fishing. It wasn't the most spectacular birthday like I wanted to throw him but we have been busy. Unfortunately This is the best picture I have of Chris. (he used it for his licensing)

Here is the cupcake cake I made Sorry its the best picture I could get.

And since don't have a great picture of Chris here is some fun ones of Cooper

I bought this material to make him some new jammies. he thought it was more fun to wear it like this.

Here are the PJ's i made I made size 1 and I bet they will fit for another year or so!!

And I just thought this one was cute. He was playing in his room and got really quiet so I went in and this is what I found! He looked right at me and said cheese!


Emily and Tate said...

those cupcakes are so amazing!