Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mega picture Update

So I have been really bad about updating.. so in randomness and just to get it done before I have my baby TOMORROW(friday) I thought I should get some pictures up just to let myself at least be able to remember what has been going on. So in no particular order here are some of the latest..

The Jones family(minus Kevin) at Thanksgiving

I made my parents get a Thanksgiving weekend because I wanted to be a part of it!! We went to Pepiots and cut down a tree. Here is Chris. I hardly ever get a shot of him so here he is.
Carrying the tree. Cooper even "helped" cut the tree down. He found a stick and sawed at the tree while Chris cut it down.

Merry Christmas!!
Cooper was so excited about the snow we got, he couldn't wait to get outside. Chris took himn about by 8 am

He thought it was fun to smash snow on the window while Grandma and I sat there.

getting dad with a snowball

This is a shirt that I made Cooper. Its made using freezer paper stenciling. I saw it done on my friends blog and had to try it.

this is to show the arm
and he is really into making different faces. Here is his "silly face"

I love that he is actually smiling at the camera.

okay this is mostly for family...

Nothing better than a roll of masking tape and matchbox cars!!!! Cooper loved it!

All is going well here and we are excited to bring Owen in to the world on Dec. 3. Cooper talks about Baby Owen coming to see him so we will see how it goes when he actually comes

oh and is anyone else having trouble loading videos to blogger . it keeps trying to load them through youtube(which I have never loaded them to) and then they won't play


I'm Paige said...

That is an awesome UO shirt. Nice job! Hope tomorrow goes smoothly for you all tomorrow :D

Blair and Leslie said...

I LOVE that duck shirt!! You will have to show me how to do that. Blair wants Michael to have an O shirt, but they are just so expensive.
I am excited to get to meet Owen tomorrow (or maybe I will give you a day to gear up for visitors). Hopefully Cooper will be okay with Owen, and won't be scared of him!

Mary Kelly said...

Good luck tomorrow! I hope everything goes well as you welcome your new bundle of love! Cooper, by the way, just gets cuter and cuter in every picture I see of him!