Monday, June 27, 2011


So we have been having a ton of fun over the last month and half so here is picture proof- they are not in any particular order so I will explain as we go ( on those that may need it anyway)

First - Chris has a birthday! We had family over to celebrate.

This is the cake I made for him
(I am so proud of the trees)

I came down stairs from putting Owen down for a nap and this is what I found

Cooper has found a love for baseball

Owen loves to be outside and loves his stander so its great!!

We love taking the boys to see the Tractors and cows at Grandpa Jones' Farm
Owen got very excited when grandpa turned on the tractor- Cooper covered his ears

I love this one

Although he looks scared Owen was squealing with delight

Cooper has learned to climb the tree

After trying to eat a giant marshmallow

Owen Turned 6 months Old !!
Cooper on the "big kid" swing at papa's

Aunt Shanna and Uncle Jeff gave this to cooper for Christmas. He was so excited when Chris brought it out for him to dig with

We got the garden planted

Owen loves to "tackle" Cooper

Getting ready for the first swim of Summer

Roasting hotdogs at papa's

Sitting in the rhino
Eating licorice like the big kids

Radishes from the garden
I came down from my shower to find this.
Yes that is the look of guilt

Cooper and Chris ready for the backyard camp out
( Owen and I slept inside )
My parents are redoing their kitchen and floors this summer so while Heather and the girls were here this weekend papa taught Janae and Cooper how to take off the molding

Kiera sleeping through the fun.

Papa showed Cooper how to take out the nails

and yes the farther you stick out your tongue the easier it is:)

Just a cute one of Cooper

Matchy matchy boys squared!!


The Simmons Bunch said...

They are SO DANG CUTE and getting so big fast!!!

Paige said...

That was fun! Thanks for sharing.

Amy said...

Your boys are getting so big! You have such a cute family and I love the garden! Hope you guys are doing well.

Magdogg said...

Life looks fun and busy! Miss you!