Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cute kids, 4th of July

And here we go:


Owen has discovered that Coopers snack cup contains goodies and goes for it every time he sees it. He figured out how to get the stuff out

Trying to eat the pickin's

we have found that Owen LOVES popsicles Cooper wanted a picture taken of him eating his Ice cream but it was already gone

Chris built us a picnic table. Cooper loves to eat outside so it has already been put to good use
I was cleaning up my room the other day and this is how I found Owen

I told cooper to go up and get his sippy cup from upstairs so we could leave and this is how he came down stairs

Being squished in the beanbag chair

Um this is how he is most of the time...Funny story the other day I was giving both boys a bath I was combing my hair and I heard this gurgle, slurping,gaggy, noise from the tub and look over and Owen is doing this yes sucking his toes Underwater.

We went camping a few weeks ago with Chris' Family I have a bunch of other pictures so it will get its own post but I thought this one was too cute Not to share

This is the 4th of July: the best pic of the boys I got

Cooper is on this kick of yelling cheese while running at the camera so most pictures are like this

Owen wishing he was big enough to do fireworks

We had lots of fun. We spent the day at my parents and just did a few with Cooper and Hannah. Cooper is not a fan of loud noises so he wears earmuffs when we do anything that is loud (like mow the lawn) so that night was no exception however when we got home around 10pm our neighborhood was just getting started!! they were lighting off the loudest and brightest,Cooper was afraid to be alone in his room so he kept begging to wear his muffs to bed. We let him stay up with us for a little while and we watched outside when our neighbor informed us that our street is the loudest and busiest in about a 5 block radius..great.... Owen however slept through the entire thing.


Groovy Gardners said...

I love all those pics ange!!!! your boys are way cute!

Magdogg said...

I would definitely agree that they are cute kids! Andrea I am so happy for you and Chris. Life looks fun, crazy, busy, hectic, and entertaining. I sure just like our home and family. :)

Karen K. said...

Your boys are so cute. It was fun seeing Owen so grown up today with thighs where his ankles should be! The picture of Cooper on his kick of yelling cheese while running at the camera made me laugh out loud. I really miss him at church. I love the little nursery kids!