Monday, November 24, 2008

Cooper Blessing

Here are some pictures of Coopers Blessing. We blessed him on November 16. My mom made him his blessing outfit and blanket.

All the girls with Cooper

My family
The Grandkids
Cooper on the day he turned a month old. November 19


Courtenay Beth said...

Andrea he is SO cute! Thanks for posting pictures, he is seriously a beautiful baby, and YOU do NOT look like you gave birth a month ago, you look so good! Keep the pictures coming!

The Johnsons said...

Oh my goodness! I do not think he could be any cuter!!! And his blessing outfit is precious! Tell your mother that she did a wonderful job!! Miss you guys!

Emily and Tate said...

So cute! I keep waiting to see pictures!

Conforti Family said...

He is already a chunk! So cute!

renaelee78 said...

Adorable blessing outfit! He is growing so fast. It's so exciting to see how they change from week to week.

Tolman Family said...

We are sending out Christmas cards, will you email your address? Thanks