Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cooper Pictures

Here are some Pictures for your enjoyment...

Chris and Cooper enjoying some tummy time together
The picture above is of Cooper in my favorite outfit, Unfortunately, he is getting to big to wear the newborn size any more so I don;t think he will get to wear it any more.
This picture is what happens when he has the pacifier in his mouth... His hand go up to is face I think its so cute

My favorite Picture Father and son. I just Have the cutest boys in the world!!!


Conforti Family said...

Chris looks like a proud dad! How cute is cooper! you have to bring him down sometime.

AsH* said...

Wow Andrea! Such a cutie patootie :0) Drop me an email when you get a chance and I will update you on all of life's happenings (,

Great to hear from yoU!

The Johnsons said...

Cooper is such a handsome baby! I am so happy for you and Chris! Matt and I will be up in Oregon for Christmas. I hope we can meet Cooper while we're up there!

Roxy said...

He so cute!!! He looks nice and healthy. Miss you!

Magdogg said...

You do have really cute boys, but mine compete really close. I love you!