Wednesday, April 21, 2010

18 months!!!

WOW I can't believe that Cooper is already 18 months old.

here are his stats:

height:2'9" (71%)
weight: 25lb 5oz (41%)
head 19.5" (90%)

18 month version of Cooper

  • loves to do whatever he wants:)
  • talks constantly, he will try to say just about anything you ask him to
  • LOVES tractors and was so excited to play with them at Grandpa Jones
  • he loves trains and airplanes and cars
  • he LOVES "KACHOW" otherwise known as the movie "Cars"
  • eats constantly and eats just about everything.
  • isn't so sure about nursery yet but does pretty good
  • loves his cousin Hannah and Keira he asks about them on a daily basis
  • asks for Scott ( Chris' brother) multiple times a day after every phone call or when I am on the computer:)
  • loves to look at pictures of family
  • can recognize Papa and grandma's house when we pull up
  • loves to sing songs
  • knows about 20 animal sounds, like elephant, camel,wolf and frog.
  • never stops moving
  • has become a fan of lawn mowers and asks to see them daily.
  • and thanks to Chris he has learned to toot on command. it makes changing his diapers that much more fun :)
we love this kid so much and it is so fun to watch him grow and learn new things everyday


Ashley said...

Oh man Andrea, he sounds like the perfect buddy for my Lincoln!