Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter weekend

Easter weekend fell at the end of Chris' Spring break so we got to spend some extra time in Springfield. We thought that since the weather was nice on Thursday we would go feed the ducks at Alton Baker park. so we swiped some bread from my parents and headed over only to find out.....

that you are not allowed to feed them anymore. they even have a gate up!! Cooper was still really excited to see the ducks.

They actually only have 3 sides blocked off so we were able to get pretty close Cooper was having a ball

the best part though was being able to just run wild in the grass
On Saturday we went to My Grandparents house to have lunch and an Easter egg hunt. Cooper caught on quite fast.

Here he is counting his eggs!!

He got distracted by the fountain.
So instead of telling him not to play in the water in the rain and cold Chris just rolls up his sleeve and lets him have fun!!!
Heather and I were looking at cake books and cooper was playing beside me with his basket I looked down and this is what i saw

That doesn't look comfortable but he stayed there for quite awhile. Silly kid

Here is the best picture of the kids. Every time I put Cooper closer to the girls he would scoot away.

This is Easter morning with my parents. Heather Jeff and the girlies went to Salem so it was just Hannah and Cooper. Cooper learned quickly that the eggs had candy inside
Notice the pile of M&Ms and the smirk on his face as he opens another one
We had a great time with family. Cooper loves going to Papa's house he recognizes it when we pull up and loves to go and do anything with Papa.



Love the smirk and love the picture of Cooper squeezed into the Easter basket!!! :)