Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cooper celebrated his 2nd birthday on October 19. I can't believe he is already 2!!!

He found my camera and WANTED me to take pictures of him. He kept saying "I do cheese" and then would want to see the picture on the camera after every time.

I thought this one was so funny

Here he is with all the loot from party #1Some new tools
He thought the chainsaw was a great wasy to open the presents
being sung to
Blowing out the candles
I think we sang to him about 5 times because he kept asking to do it again!!

Here are just some random pictures of this kid

This is what I saw the other day when I walked into the kitchen

then when I got closer I discovered this
he was hiding with his "friends" and for the rest of the day he would ask me where they were and then run to the cupboard and yell "I find you"

the "Cool Dude" he was so proud that he put the glasses on all by himself

he cracks us up everyday and we love him so much

he can sing "I am a Child of God" all by himself
he can count to 14
he loves to read books
he sings songs all the time
play-doh is fantastic
he is a big fan of Mickey mouse club house (he loves the Hot dog song)
he sings most of the abc's
loves to go to football games with Papa and get a tiger paw stamp
he is afraid of kids that are smaller than him but will play great with anyone that is the same size or bigger.
asks, on a daily basis, to go to the dr and listen to baby owen :)

I love this kid.


renaelee78 said...

He's so smart! Maybe I can bring Shelby over soon and he can teach her how. Good luck with the new baby coming and him not wanting to play with smaller kids. :)

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday little man! He's such a handsome kid. We miss you guys! Can't wait to hear about baby #2!!