Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fire Trucks!!!

Jerry's Home improvement had "Fire Safety Day" today, so we took Cooper to see all the fire trucks,ambulances, and Smokey the bear and the fire dog. He was a little nervous to get into the trucks because they were "to big" so he mostly just looked at them from afar with a death grip on either Grandma's or Papa's hand.

We got him to stand on the step of the fire truck by telling him the picture is for daddy!!(Chris was at a dental conference in LA)

we had to get a size comparison of the wheel there was so much going on it was hard to get him to look

"Cheese Daddy"

we were standing right by this ladder truck when they started putting it up Cooper was so excited!! We couldn't get him to walk away for anything.

It made me nauseous to watch it go up so high so I took a picture if Cooper and Grandma watching the ladder go up
After they took the ladder up they moved it all over this is out straight. they swung all the way around before putting it back down. Cooper watched the whole thing .

It was fun to see all the different rescue vehicles they had. I tried to get a picture of Cooper with the Fire dog and Smokey the bear but he was a little nervous to get close to them. he gave them each a high five and waved, from a distance, but no pictures.


The Simmons Bunch said...

No Way!!! I had no idea they were doing that at Jerry's! Isaac and Mark would have LOVED that. They LOVE fire trucks! Dang it! Sounds like your little man had a blast though. :)

Magdogg said...

That is so cool! Lucky little guy! Love ya!