Monday, August 13, 2007

8 Fun Facts

I got tagged by Lindsay, SO here are some fun Facts.

1. I have been Married for 3 years today!!!

2 I love to scrapbook. Who would've thought. I really enjoy trying to find the best way to display the pictures i take.

3. I like to Sew. another whoda thunkit. i like to make quilts the most but occasionally i make other things.

4. I started to make cakes. i took a cake decorating class this year and i love it. it soo fun to decorate cakes. If any one needs a cake just give me a call

5. Chocolate can solve any problem!!

6. I read Harry Potter. although i usually borrow the books so NO i haven't read the last one yet so don't tell me what happens.

7. I love to watch old movies. Especially when they have Cary Grant in them. I also enjoy Shirley Temple movies.

8.I am trying to play the piano again. Its been fun i can now play more than one song. Its great.

Kim, Heather , Jordan, Roxy, Tracy, Karen,Sarah you've been tagged. Post 8 fun facts about you. then tag your friends