Monday, August 13, 2007

8 Fun Facts

I got tagged by Lindsay, SO here are some fun Facts.

1. I have been Married for 3 years today!!!

2 I love to scrapbook. Who would've thought. I really enjoy trying to find the best way to display the pictures i take.

3. I like to Sew. another whoda thunkit. i like to make quilts the most but occasionally i make other things.

4. I started to make cakes. i took a cake decorating class this year and i love it. it so fun to decorate cakes. If any one needs a cake just give me a call

5. Chocolate can solve any problem!!

6. I read Harry Potter. although i usually borrow the books so NO i haven't read the last one yet so don't tell me what happens.

7. I love to watch old movies. Especially when they have Cary Grant in them. I also enjoy Shirley Temple movies.

8.I am trying to play the piano again. Its been fun i can now play more than one song. Its great.

Kim, Heather , Jordan, Roxy, Tracy, Karen,Sarah you've been tagged. Post 8 fun facts about you. then tag your friends


Lindsay, David and Connor said...

Wow Fifi, You are so girly! What happened to you?? Five years ago you would have laughed if I told you that you would enjoy half of those things! I love it!! Thanks for posting. Its good to hear from you every once it awhile! Have a happy day!

Roxy said...

I'm not sure how this tagging thing works. I will post my 8 random fun facts but I will have to think about them. I am still in shock over some of yours. LOL

Emily said...

Ditto to Linsay's comments!!