Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Hello everyone,
sorry its been so long since our last post but we have been out of town and busy. we were house sitting and dog sitting for my aunt and uncle this past week. it was fun being even closer to heather and Janae so we played a lot. it was a little sad though because we had to call my aunt and let them know that there beloved dog was not doing so well. it was hard because she had been a member of the family for the last 11 years. Madison (the dog) was able to hang on until Tami and Dan got home on Sunday but then she had to be put to sleep. I know its been hard for them but she was a great dog for many years. i still remember the wedding card we got from Dan and Tami. Tami signed the card from Dan Tami and Madison, totally forgetting to sign Evan , their son's, name :). anyway we are doing great. sorry no pictures with this but i just wanted everyone to know that we love you guys and if you are ever up this way just let us know we would be glad for the company.

Love ya Much,
Chris and Andrea


Roxy said...

Glad your back. Email me would you!!

Roxy said...

Sorry about Madison!!! I'm glad you were there to take care of her.