Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Moments

I was reading a friends blog and she challenged people to write down 50 things that made them happy. I stared thinking about it and thought it would be fun So in no particular order

1.the sound of Cooper Laughing
2. the smell after it rains
3. Chris
4. Mom
6. My siblings
7. watching Cooper discover new things everyday
8. watching the interaction between Chris and Cooper
10. reading
11. the smell of a campfire
12. memories of Grandma
13. baking
14. Family
15. the excitement of the Holidays
16. talking to Friend that I don;t get to see often enough (Cami, Leslie)
17. When my Mom calls just to say Hi.
18 When my DAD calls
19. taking pictures, especially when I get a good one.
20. the sunshine.
21. Primary kids
22. Nieces and Nephews
23.getting letters in the mail from anyone
24. the sound of a lawn mower( i know,but it means its spring/summer and the sun is out)
25. Cooper
26. buying a new pair of shoes
27.knowing we only have 13 months until Chris graduates!!!
28.having a Healthy family
29. when Chris does the laundry without being asked
30. When Chris cleans the BATHROOM without being asked
31. taking trips to anywhere
32.the flowers around the Temple
33. The Temple
34.when Cooper takes a nap in his crib
35. Snuggling with Cooper
36. warming up my feet on Chris legs while we watch tv
37. home videos old and new dads stories
39.hanging out with my mom and sisters
40. The beach
41.hunting for Christmas trees
42. serving others
43.a Bordeaux bars from Sees Candies
44.taking a walk
45. playing with Cooper
46. roasting marshmallows
47. Family BBQs.
48. Family
49. New years eve parties( like totally for sure)
50. Knowing that my Family is Forever


Blair and Leslie said...

Cooper is taking over your life! That is a good thing though. I am excited that I was mentioned (is that conceited, well too bad). It makes me happy to talk to you too.

Groovy Gardners said...

Ange, that is so creative. We definatley need to catch up more often!

Groovy Gardners said...

oh yeah, and i finally decided who i think cooper looks like...well he looks like both of you, but i looked at his picture and the first thing that popped in my head was "hello Chris Jr." When is your next baby coming?